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We are a company based in Florida, USA with a global reach, specializing in integrating business solutions in Latin America.

We are a group of interdisciplinary professionals with training in the legal, accounting, commercial, marketing, logistics, and services areas. We work on a migration concept comprehensibly. We support a company or individual in all fields so that they can develop in a new competitive market and jointly achieve an optimal result with the rationalization of resources.

Our goal is to support business growth while entering a new market. We offer to support the disembarkation in the US in an orderly, efficient, and correct manner. We focus on the needs of each client, providing comprehensive support, from the beginning with the opening of your company, business, or branch until the end of the process with all the necessary licenses to operate, commercial development, marketing to increase profitability, tax reporting, rentals, legal guidance and integration of all areas to get your company up and running.

Our services are truly comprehensive and tailored, we will not only support the start of the company but also your personal and family arrival in the best way. We have a department of immigration documentation preparers and we work with law firms specializing in complex cases that will help in the immigration process, while our team will support the arrival and new life of people.

Our objective is commitment to the client, understanding that companies are made up of people who need to take care of their business. We take care of the rest, the entire legal and bureaucratic commercial structure of both the company and the family, so that your mind can exploit its virtues and dedicate itself exclusively to growth in the largest market in the world.

We know the way. We already went through it. We already migrated…

Real Estate Investments

Why Invest with Us?


Exclusive Opportunities

We specialize in identifying properties available at auctions that represent unique opportunities in the market. These properties are acquired at significantly reduced prices, maximizing your investment and profit potential.

Strategic Development

Once acquired, our team of real estate development experts evaluates the best use for each property. From renovation and remodeling to new project development, we ensure the value of your investments is maximized.

Sale and Profitability

We have an extensive network of contacts and resources that allow us to market properties at the optimum price, ensuring you get the best return on your investment.

Our Investment Process

1. Auction Analysis

Our team continuously monitors property auctions to identify high-potential opportunities. We conduct detailed analyses to select only the best options for our clients.

2. Smart Acquisition

Using our market knowledge and expertise, we acquire selected properties at competitive prices. This approach minimizes risks and maximizes gains.

3. Development and Improvement

Each acquired property undergoes thorough evaluation to determine the most effective development plan. Whether through deep renovations or light aesthetic changes, we work to increase the intrinsic value of each property.

4. Sales Strategy

Once the property is ready, we implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract interested buyers. Our goal is to ensure quick and lucrative transactions.

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“Working with American Project Developers has been one of the best investment decisions I have made. Their expertise and dedication have allowed me to achieve returns that exceed my expectations.”

Carlos M.


“Thanks to American Project Developers, I have been able to diversify my real estate investment portfolio with high-quality, high-performing properties.”

Lucia G.

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