St Lucie II Development

Background and demographics:

Port St. Lucie is a growing city in South Florida, with a diverse population and a variety of cultural and recreational activities to offer. In this article, we introduce you to how the demographics of Port St. Lucie have changed in recent years.

Population growth

In recent years, the population of Port St. Lucie has experienced steady growth. According to the 2020 census, the city’s population is approximately 201,000. This figure represents a significant increase compared to the 88,000 inhabitants recorded in the 2000 census.

Ethnic and cultural diversity

Port St. Lucie is a diverse city in terms of its ethnic and cultural population. The city has a significant Hispanic community, representing 20% of the total population. Additionally, Port St. Lucie has a growing African-American and Asian population.

Age and educational level

The population of Port St. Lucie has a median age of 43 years, indicating a population older than the national average. Additionally, the city has a highly educated population, with 25% of residents having a college degree.

Housing and economy

The Port St. Lucie real estate market has seen significant growth in recent years, with an increase in home construction and an expanding job market. The city has a growing economy and an unemployment rate below the national average.

Land use changes

The City of Port St. Lucie has experienced significant land use changes in recent years. With population growth, there has been an expansion in housing construction and the development of new commercial areas.

In conclusion, the demographics of Port St. Lucie have experienced significant changes in recent years, with steady population growth, an ethnically and culturally diverse population, and an aging population. Additionally, the city has seen an increase in housing construction, an expanding job market, and a growing economy.

Geographic location:

Port St Lucie is located in the south of Florida, 2 hours from Miami, 2 hours from Orlando, and one hour from West Palm Beach. It is an obligatory step for the millions of tourists who spend their vacations in the parks every year and then tour Miami.

City growth context:

Due to the variety of climate in the USA, many Americans live in the north of the country during the summer, since in Florida the climate is hot and humid, while in the north it is more temperate and pleasant. On the contrary, in winter, they choose Florida, since the cold is very harsh in the center and north of the country and Florida is very pleasant.

On the other hand, Miami is no longer a destination chosen by them due to the high percentage of Latinos residing in Miami and logically they feel outside their comfort zone. Thanks to the combination of these factors and many others, Port St Lucie grew abruptly in the last decade with more than a 200% growth rate. This trend is increasing day by day.

Typical Urban Development of the hundreds currently found in Port St Lucie.

Typical normal housing in developments.

In this context, in the last decade, urbanization and construction projects have grown to satisfy the great demand for properties, schools, businesses, and other infrastructure.

Our company participated in the first urbanization project that we called St Lucie I, where we bought a small field or country house, registered it, and divided it into smaller lots, and together with the city we urbanized it with the construction of streets and installation of public services. (electricity, sewage, water, and waste). After that, we sell the individual lots to individuals or construction companies very quickly, since the demand is really great.

We are currently launching the St Lucie II development in 2024, which aspires to the Urbanization of a second plot of land with proven great profitability, which is in the order of 90% of the investment made.

The project is made up of 4 phases to be developed in a period of 1 to 2 years maximum.

Phase 1 “Formation of the Investment Group”

This phase consists of the formation of the investment Holding, its registration in Florida, capitalization, preparation of the Shareholders agreement, the issuance of shares, and the appointment of the board of directors.

Phase 2 “Purchase of the land”

It will begin immediately upon completion of Phase 1. Our team will look for the best option concerning the market offer of suitable land in an “only family” residential area already developed or in the process of development and with an extension appropriate for the intended purpose.

Phase 3 “Surveying, licenses, subdivision, and urbanization”

It consists of the contracting of the surveying study, processing of the development license, subdivision, transfer of 10% of the land to the city for the construction of roads, and installation of services.

Phase 4 “Execution of sales and city work on the ground”

It consists of the sale itself, hiring realtors, and setting up its marketing team for it. Also at this stage, work is carried out on the land given to the city for the installation of public services and the construction of internal streets.

It should be noted that the growing demand for housing has the full support of the city and local buyers enjoy great benefits for the purchase and construction of homes with very attractive bank financing.

Construction companies also usually buy lots and finance the buyers the same along with the construction of the home in a single loan to facilitate the operation for the final buyer. There is currently a great demand for lots that cannot be satisfied by the existing supply. In fact, construction companies generally have untapped operational capacity due to the lack of places to build.

“Port St Lucie II” development quantitatively

Example 1

Land size5.83 acres
Square feet253,954
Developed Square Feet (-10%)228,558
Average Lot in feet13,068
Number of lots16
Profitability percentage97.25%

Example 2

Land size10.38 acres
Square feet452,152
Developed Square Feet (-10%)406,936
Average Lot in feet13,068
Number of lots30
Profitability percentage128.06%

Group formation and actions

The investment Holding is a Florida corporation, it will be formed with a total initial capital of USD 800,000, it will be composed of 8000 shares or shares of $100 each.

Each person interested in being part of the group must apply through an application for incorporation and fill out a non-binding contract of intention to purchase shares. At that time you will pay a non-refundable fee of $150 for general evaluation costs. *1

Once the application has been accepted, the new member will be welcomed and possession of the shares will be given to the new member, against the transfer of funds to capitalize the Holding.

Once the capitalization of the Holding is completed, a virtual shareholder meeting will be held where the shareholder’s agreement will be drawn up, and the vice president and three members of the board of directors will be appointed by a simple vote of each of the members representing the number of shares they own. Our company will operate as president of the board of directors, and it will be the contractually executing body of each of the activities to be carried out to carry out the project.

After that we will move on to field work and the execution of the described project.

Each stage of the project and relevant decisions will be made by the board of directors, which will evaluate the options in each case.

If you have any questions, we are available from 10 AM to 7 PM (EST) from Monday to Saturday to organize calls, virtual meetings or answer questions by message regarding the project.